Drink of the Week

The Cosmopolitan, a cocktail made famous by the sassy, serially unattached women on HBO's Sex and the City, is the ultimate single woman's drink -- and there's no better place to down one than the Cool River Cafe, suburban Denver's ultimate pickup joint. At any given happy hour on any given day, Tech Center business types mingle over the hot-pink martini, a combination of Citron vodka, Cointreau and splashes of lime and cranberry juices. Served shaken and straight up in a martini glass with a lemon-rind garnish, the fruity Cosmo ($6 or $4.50 at happy hour) provides the perfect way to unwind after a rough day, and the cavernous Cool River bar, a rich scene filled with starched shirts, spiked heels and cell phones, is the perfect place to unwind. Sexy Tech Center single: Turn off your computer, round up your cohorts and grab a table by the fireplace. With a few Cosmos and a little luck, that toad sitting at the bar might just turn out to be your Prince Charming.


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