Drink of the Week

Irish Car Bomb

The Irish Hound

575 St. Paul St.


Sure, the name's politically incorrect, but an Irish Car Bomb ($6) will start your big night with a bang. And the Irish Hound, Denver's hot new Celtic bar, is just the place to let 'er rip. Although the drink sounds intimidating, the formula for making an Irish Car Bomb is quite simple: The bartender fills a pint glass halfway with Guinness Stout and then drops -- carefully -- a shot glass of Jamison's topped with Bailey's Irish Cream into the pint. You then chug the frothy, chocolate-milk-like concoction -- the faster the better. A few of these troublemakers and you'll be stumbling home like a drunken Irishman. (When it comes to political incorrectness, in for a penny, in for a pound.)

Brought to us by the same folks who gave Denver the Three Dogs Tavern in Highland and both Spot bars, the dark, cozy Irish Hound boasts a long wooden bar, pool tables and a warm, neighborhood-pub feel. That's how it should be, because the entire Cherry Creek North neighborhood seems to be hanging out here on a nightly basis.


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