Drink of the Week

Looking for a historical booze cruise? When Buffalo Bill Cody had a hankering for a stiff one, legend has it he'd saunter into the Buckhorn Exchange and order up the usual, apple juice and rye -- not the tastiest combo, but one guaranteed to ease the pain of a long day in the saddle. The upstairs lounge at the Buckhorn is now pouring a Buffalo Bill Cocktail ($4.75) -- slightly updated, with bourbon and apple juice on the rocks -- that's just the thing to celebrate what would have been Bill's 157th birthday this week. Other than the fact that you can now arrive at the Buckhorn by light rail rather than horse, not much has changed at this joint over the past 110 years: Colorado's liquor license still hangs behind the bar, dead animals still adorn the walls, and locals still get drunk here. And if you happen by the Buckhorn this Saturday afternoon and spot dozens of Buffalo Bill look-alikes bellied up to the oak bar, there's no need to check yourself into detox: I just the Buckhorn's annual Buffalo Bill birthday celebration, complete with stagecoach rides, historic re-enactments and live music. Yee-haw!


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