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Drop the Nyquil. If you can't seem to kick that nasty winter cough, head straight to SoBo 151 for an Eastern European cure: shots of Becherovka. A Czech spirit that's a mixture of alcohol, medicinal herbs and spices, Becherovka has been packaged as cough drops; these days, it's also often mixed with tonic or coffee as a curative cocktail. But the boys at SoBo 151 prefer to drink their Becherovka the old-fashioned way. So raise your glass, say "Na Zdravi" (a Czech toast to good health) and down your shot ($4), chasing it with a pint of Pilsner Urquell. And while this clear liquor is soothing your sore throat, order a plate of steaming beef goulash or potato pancakes to warm your belly. SoBo 151, which opened last fall, is definitely a hockey bar -- the walls are adorned with antique photos of pond hockey and signed Avs jerseys, and a big-screen TV broadcasts the game of the day. But the non-sports fans have plenty of eye candy, too: Since SoBo 151 is the only Czech bar in Denver, tall, dark and handsome men line up along the long wooden bar. See? You're feeling better already.

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Sobo 151 Bar & Grill

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