Drink of the Week

Lounge lizards looking for a new downtown joint are slithering out of LoDo and over to the mod Harry's Bar, just off the lobby of the swank Hotel Magnolia. Harry's serves up cosmos, appletinis and dirty martinis by the trayload, but the real crowd-pleaser is the bright-pink Negroni Martini ($8), made with Campari, Vermouth Rosso, English gin, soda water and a twist of lemon. (If you can't handle the taste of gin, the martini can also be made with vodka.) Grab your glass and a seat on one of the plush benches in the colorfully lit lounge, which looks like a set for the next shagadelic Mike Myers movie -- maybe Austin Powers: From Denver With Love? And when local musicians play smooth jazz for hipsters Thursday through Saturday evenings, Harry's is an ideal stop for an after-work cocktail or an extravagant downtown excursion. Retro is back: Yeah, baby.


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