Drink of the Week

With his natty British accent and talent for wooing the ladies, James Bond and his "shaken, not stirred" martinis are the epitome of cool. And if the debonair 007 happened to hit Denver during his his never-ending mission to quash evil, you'd probably find him sipping one of Indigo's namesake martinis at the end of the day. Made with Absolut Mandarin vodka, tangerine liqueur and DeKuyper Blue Curaçao -- and served shaken, not stirred, obviously -- the aquamarine cocktail ($7) is super-sweet and comes in a crooked blue-stemmed glass garnished with a cherry. Indigo is pretty sweet, too. Opened late last year by Larry Herz, Indigo still attracts the Scotch-drinking Papillion Cafe crowd that has frequented this space for years, but now Cherry Creek North hipsters also slink into the deep-blue leather booths or grab a stool at the funky tiled bar to munch on bowls of popcorn tossed with cashews, almonds, sesame butter and an indigo hue. While the average night here doesn't quite call for a tuxedo, if Pierce Brosnan did happened to saunter in, I'd run home in an instant to throw on something small, black and lacy for his eyes only.


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