Drink of the Week

My idea of a night out at a baseball game is arriving at the bottom of the third inning and leaving at the top of the seventh. During those three-plus innings, chances are extremely good that I won't ever know who's at bat or what the score is; I'll probably spend most of my time in the beer line. If you're like me, why not skip Coors Field altogether and spend the evening chilling on the roof of LoDo's Bar & Grill? No matter how badly the Rockies are playing, LoDo's frozen Vanilla Mudslide is a surefire hit. The smooth, alcohol-packed milkshake ($5.50), with just a hint of coffee flavor, is made with Absolut Vanilla, coffee liqueur and cream; it's served in a pint glass with a straw. LoDo's features four other frosted-drink options, as well as 24 beers on tap. The huge, 3,000-square-foot patio packs people in both pre- and post-game. I suggest that you secure your spot mid-game, so that when all the true fans come pouring out of Coors Field, your next cocktail is already being blended at the bar.


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