Drink of the Week

This is the July Fourth weekend -- time to bust out that crazy star-spangled bow-tie, light the sparklers and wish our country a happy 227th birthday. And what better way to show your patriotism this year than by drinking at one of the fine establishments owned by Denver's mayor-elect? I cast my ballot for the Ruby Red Martini at the Red Room. And what a voting booth! It's all crimson leather and secluded, even though the two-story bar is just a few steps from the sordid action on Colfax Avenue -- and a few blocks from the even more sordid action at the State Capitol and the Denver City and County Building where John Hickenlooper will soon rule. The Ruby Red Martini ($6.50) is actually pink, but don't accuse this joint of lying to the American people. The cocktail is named for the ruby-red grapefruit juice that's a critical part of the mix, along with premium vodka and a splash of Cointreau; it's served garnished with a cherry -- a subliminal reminder of that tree chopped down by George Washington. I cannot tell a lie: It's your patriotic duty to down more than one. God bless the USA!


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