Drink of the Week

The winner of everything from "Best New Chef" to "Best Wine List" in both local and national contests this past year, Adega Restaurant + Wine Bar is definitely Denver's dining darling. But while barrels of accolades have been poured on Adega for the thousands of bottles of wine it offers (an above-ground wine cellar is known as an adega in Portugal), the sophisticated restaurant/wine bar also features ten signature cocktails. The Ruby Martini and Mandarin Cherry Smash are each quite tasty, but the true object of my affection is the pink Cosmo de l'Amour ($7), made with vodka, plum sake and cranberry juice and served with a lime wedge. This Cosmo goes down smooth -- and so does an evening at Adega. The sleek crimson bar is the perfect place to perch if you're feeling sassy and want to be seen; if you're seeking more of a chill vibe, you can snag a table on the outdoor patio that's bathed in the red neon of Union Station. Either way, plan on being surrounded by glammed-up people dropping large wads of cash, because a night at Adega will definitely cost you. They say that money can't buy love, but it certainly can buy a lovely time.


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