Drink of the Week

From fond memories of Detroit's Greek Town to my all-time favorite appetizer -- flaming saganaki -- I have plenty of reasons to wish there was Greek blood flowing through my veins. But since there isn't, I have to content myself with healthy injections of ouzo, the potent licorice-flavored liqueur made with anise and various herbs that's Greece's true national treasure. In this town, the best place for drinking ouzo is Pete's Central One in Washington Park, a restaurant where serene murals of the Greek Isles will quickly transport you thousands of miles away. Of course, so will a few sips of ouzo. "Here's your milk," says our waiter as he serves ouzo ($5) over ice -- the Grecian way -- which turns the clear liquid chalky white and dilutes its strength. (The American way, of course, is to shoot it until you can't remember your name.) Another trick to reducing Ouzo's bite: pair it with mezedes -- otherwise known as appetizers -- like tasty octopus marinated in spices or pita triangles dipped into tzatziki sauce. Pete's bar area is small, so you might want to grab a patio table if you're planning to spend the evening imbibing strong foreign spirits. Opa!


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