Drink of the Week

Labor Day has passed, but since we live in the land of 300-plus days of sunshine, let's pretend we're on vacation a little bit longer, shall we? One of the best places in town to play hooky is the secluded back patio at Tosh's Hacienda, a 55-year-old family-run restaurant in the heart of Five Points, where you can lose yourself in a Raspberry Daiquiri ($5), a cool drink packed with hot passion fruit. Made with Myers dark rum and fresh raspberries, and served frozen with a sugar rim and orange wedge, this cocktail bursts with sweet flavor. You can also sit at Tosh's newly expanded bar -- it has more than doubled in size -- and work your way through the fourteen margarita options, including a tasty watermelon version. For sustenance, Tosh's serves up spicy burritos and tamales, as well as its famous strawberry lemonade for teetotalers and designated drivers. And if your group forgot to designate a driver before you all started drinking, you can always jump on the Light Rail at 30th and Downing streets and ride the Silver Bullet home. Here's to the endless summer!


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