Drink of the Week

Harking back to my Irish roots (in case you're interested, Dunn means "brown" in Gaelic) on a blustery fall evening, I headed to Fadó Irish Pub for a stiff drink and comfort food. After settling into a secluded booth not far from the blazing fireplace, I ordered a Screw the Bull ($4), a tall cocktail made with Red Bull, vodka and orange juice, served on the rocks. It had been a long Monday, but this Bull took the edge off the day and soon had me feeling like a sassy lass. Fadó (in case you're still interested, that means "long ago") is full of cottagey charm, including solid wood columns, warm painted ceilings and live Irish music. Drink two Bulls, and you'll feel transported to a Dublin pub, where cheers over the World Series or the Rugby World Cup aren't enough to drown out heavily accented whispers telling of otherworldly magic -- or maybe that's my overactive, overimbibing imagination. No matter. Whether you down a pint of properly poured Black and Tan, a Shandy spritzer or a Screw the Bull, you'll find that Fadó lives up to its promise of delivering ól ceol agus craic -- drink, music and an Irish good time for all.


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