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If your houseguests have been in town for a full twelve hours and are already grating on your last nerve, impress them with a trip to Denver's newest power center, the Capital Grille, where you can get them nice and sauced up with a few Stoli Dolis (a drink that will do wonders to soothe you, too). The smooth Doli ($7.95) consists of Stolichnaya Vodka that's been strained after having pineapple slices marinating in it for ten days; it's then served shaken and straight up in a chilled martini glass. After drinking one, your guests will remember why they liked you in the first place; give them three, and they'll be asleep by the time the valet shuts the SUV door. And while a dinner of porterhouse steak for four would definitely take a bite out of your holiday spending money, the Capital Grille's mahogany bar is the perfect place to snack on a platter of spicy pan-fried calamari while rubbing elbows with Mile High movers and shakers. Your guests can even light up a cigar under the watchful eye of Adolph Coors -- portraits of several historic Denver-area dignitaries adorn the restaurant's wood-paneled walls, as do a stuffed moose head, a mountain goat and a stock-ticker streaming the latest sports news. While the Capital Grille is all about understated opulence, the friendly barkeep pouring liberal libations is all about saving your sanity.

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The Capital Grille

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