Drink of the Week

Following Toby Tyler's lead, Santa Claus is running away and joining the circus that will be at Mario's Double Daughter's Salotto this weekend. Named for Italian ringmaster Mario Guccio's ax-juggling conjoined-twin daughters who died in 2001, Mario's Double Daughter is truly one of the greatest shows in town. And in the center ring behind the bar, the star act gurgles continuously in a glowing brass-and-steel tank. While Mario's owners -- the same two fellows who brought us Two-Fisted Mario's delicious, late-night pizza -- will only tell us that the recipe for Succo Vaffanculodi Mario ($7.50) is a Guccio family secret -- the name translates roughly into English as "Mario's go-fuck-yourself juice" -- we know that this red Italian concoction consists of seventeen liquors and a smidgen of water, served on the rocks and garnished with a lime. And it's strong enough to knock any Bearded Lady off her red-leather stool. Holiday spirits -- and this spirit in particular -- will be bubbling over at the Saturday, December 20, Insantacon event, for which you're encouraged to dress as the strangest version of Santa or any other holiday icon that you can come up with, then party the night away to some of Denver's hottest DJs. Those on Santa's naughty list will be sucking down Succo; nicer folks can stick to Candy Cane martinis and Black Coal shots. Don't wait up, Mrs. Claus -- it's going to be a late, late night.


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