Drink of the Week

If you're still wondering how to down your bubbles this New Year's Eve, let me suggest the Champagne Mojito ($6) at Agave Underground, a concoction powerful enough to blast you into one hell of a 2004. Agave, which opened last month, makes this drink by combining Brut Champagne and Bacardi Limon with a simple mint syrup, crushed ice and a lime garnish. To really get in the party mood, you can order a pitcher ($25), and if you've been extra good this holiday season, the bartender will help elevate your buzz by throwing in a dash of Bacardi Raspberry for some fruity fun. Even if you sample all thirty tequilas, six mojitos and six specialty margaritas that this Latino grill offers, you're never going to confuse the garden-level Agave with its stodgy predecessor, Bistro Adde Brewster. The space, brought to us by the same team that gave us Seven 30 South, has been transformed into the social setting for Cherry Creek North lushes and silver foxes. Cheers! It's been a pleasure drinking with you all year.


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