Drink of the Week

I have multiple vices, and the latest addition to my addictions is Indian food. When I need a fix, I head straight to Little India's enclosed patio on Sixth Avenue. And since I rarely eat a meal without a cocktail accompaniment -- what's the point? -- I promptly settled on a favorite at Little India: the Midori Sour ($5.50). This bright-green cocktail, served on the rocks in a lowball glass, combines Midori Melon Liqueur with sweet-and-sour mix, creating the perfect complement to the rich, spicy flavors of saag paneer or chicken tikka masala. For the fiery-red paneer makhni, though, I'd recommend a 22-ounce Taj Mahal or Flying Horse beer. And if you're trying to shake a nasty winter chill, warm up with a Baileys Irish Chai, a soothing drink of spiced Indian tea and Baileys Irish Cream. If an incessant craving for a Midori Sour at Little India (which recently opened a second location downtown to help meet my needs) is my biggest problem in 2004, it's going to be a happy new year.


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