Drink of the Week

In unofficial (and perhaps unintentional) homage to Chicago's entertainment ringmaster Billy Flynn, the spirited Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge performs lots of alcoholic hocus-pocus with its Razzle Dazzle martini. The delicious, bright yellow Razzle Dazzle ($7) is made by combining Bacardi Raspberry with orange juice and champagne, then served up in a martini glass. It's as smooth and sultry as the live jazz that sounds off here seven nights a week. Decorated with photos of jazz musicians and martini shakers, and filled with cozy booths, Dazzle oozes charm and the chill vibe of an authentic jazz club. And tucked inside the jackets of classic record albums is the bar menu, which lists dozens of other creative cocktail options -- so don't plan on getting out of here with your wits intact. Just remember my friend's rule: "Martinis are like a woman's breasts. One is not enough and three is too many."


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