Drink of the Week

Spring has definitely sprung in Denver, and that means one thing: Warm evenings will find me drinking cool beers on the magical urban patio behind My Brother's Bar. The bar has eighteen brews on tap, with everything from Boddington's to Left Hand Jackman's Pale Ale, but my favorite spring sipper is the refreshing Twisted Pine Raspberry Wheat ($3.75). Brewed in Boulder, the light, fruity beer is perfect for washing down multiple baskets of My Brother's salty popcorn. This quintessential saloon -- originally opened in 1873 as the Highland House and frequented in the early 1940s, when it was known as Paul's Place, by Beat icon Neal Cassady -- has been serving suds and grilling up great bar burgers as My Brother's Bar since 1970. Not that you would know the bar's name from the sign hanging out front, because there is no sign. But that doesn't discourage regulars from flocking to the place. While the inside is dark and cozy, with soothing classical music tinkling above the din and the smell of onion rings hanging faintly in the air, I prefer to sit under the twinkling lights on My Brother's always crowded, tree-shaded terrace -- a downtown oasis where time truly doesn't matter.


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