Drink of the Week

With the resounding thwack! of wooden bats, baseball joyfully returned to downtown Denver this week. And while I don't particularly enjoy watching the slow-paced game, I truly love the spring-summer drinking season that accompanies it. When I want to tie one on before diving for fly balls at Coors Field, I'll be dropping by the sleek yet casual Blake Street Tavern for a Strip and Go Naked cocktail. Created by bartender Jenn Canny, the Strip and Go Naked ($5.50) is made with Absolut Citron, the Flying Dog Brewery's Tire Bite Golden Ale and splashes of soda water and lemonade, shaken and served on the rocks in a pint glass. Consider yourself warned: This refreshing drink is a creeper. It may taste as sweet and innocent as a cool glass of lemonade, but the name should be a clue to your state of mind after you've downed one too many. If streaking across left field suddenly seems like a good idea, trust me -- it's not. But hitting this one-year-old urban sports bar definitely is, especially on game day, when your Rockies ticket stub earns you a free pint of one of the seven draft beers brewed by Flying Dog, the tavern's next-door neighbor. Take me out to the ballgame...


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