Drink of the Week

With summer in full swing, I'm longing to spend every afternoon lying by a pool. But while I'd be nice and tan, I'd also be broke. So instead, I'll be spending my evenings reclining on a black leather couch at the hot Swimclub 32 and sipping a Lychee Martini ($8). Made with Absolut vodka and Soho Lychee Liqueur (from the fruit native to China but now grown in the tropics), this clear, crisp cocktail is served up and garnished with two giant lychee nuts, which look eerily like eyeballs. But don't let their look stop you from taking the plunge: The sweet fruit tastes a lot like canned pears. The extremely accommodating staffers at Swimclub pour other exotic cocktails, like the Mojito 32 and the Green Tea cocktail, as well as offerings from the bar's extensive sake and wine lists. Opened just last month, this serene Highland lounge features a Zen fountain, pink Asian-influenced light fixtures and a long, dark bar with a Roaring Fork river-rock base; the chill vibe is already attracting cool kids from the neighborhood and beyond. Who needs a pool when you've got Swimclub 32?


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