Drink of the Week

I hated all card games as a kid, but the true bane of my existence was the mind-numbing Go Fish. Even before I started losing brain cells from a combination of booze, age and bad genes, memory was never one of my strengths. And now the Go Fish Grille -- in the revamped Indigo space -- has gone and put decks of cards on each table, along with instructions on how to play. Who knew that after a couple of Go Fish cocktails ($7), the game that tormented me as a child could be so damned enjoyable? Truth be told, though, after a couple of these babies, I'm willing to bet that anything from a TSA strip search to a colonoscopy would be fun. Served in an absurd yet adorable plastic pineapple on a plastic fish coaster, the mélange of ass-kicking rums (Bacardi 151, Pusser's Dark), grenadine and Pusser's Painkiller makes you feel like you got hijacked from Cherry Creek North and transported to a beach in Hawaii -- and the sweet combination is so strong that the next morning, you'll feel like one of the hijackers hit you in the temple with the butt of his pistol. If you don't like your drinks fruity and tropical, Go Fish Grille also offers a full page of specialty cocktails, and one of them -- the Blue Dolphin, the Shark Bait, the Blue Lagoon -- is sure to float your boat. So will the unbelievably generous happy hour in the bar and patio, which runs from 4 to 7 p.m. nightly and features appetizers and all drinks, including bottles of wine, at half price. Go fish...I got my wish.


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