Drink of the Week

During college, we'd go to a notorious party town to blow off steam after a long stretch of school in a notoriously boring town. We'd all shack up at some condo where, after the three beds and two couches were taken, the safest spots to sleep were under the kitchen table or anywhere else that you wouldn't be crushed by someone staggering in late at night. The morning after, we'd head to our favorite brunch spot, which had an entire wall devoted to the perfect Bloody Mary. On its shelves were every accoutrement you could ever think of adding to a Bloody Mary. But after a great deal of studying (we were students, after all), we realized that 99 percent of that crap wasn't really necessary -- or even helpful, for that matter -- and we got our drink down to the essentials: great mix, Worcestershire, horseradish and some Tabasco-like hot sauce. With a well-spiced Bloody, good vodka isn't even necessary. Still, I thought the Bloody of my college days was unbeatable until I stopped by Lola for brunch (served from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sundays). For a measly $3, the Bloody Mary cart will serve you an excellent drink. Made with Sangrita in lieu of plain old tomato juice or V8, your choice of tequila or chile-pepper-infused vodka, and an assortment of garnishes you choose from the cart, Lola's Bloody is Ivy League quality. (Yes, snobs who can't stomach no-name vodka can get Stoli or Absolut for an additional $2.50, or Gray Goose or Chopin for an extra $4.) Add Lola's new patio to the mix, and you're in for a Bloody good time.


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