Drink of the Week

I don't know which brilliant person figured out that if you add a full bar to the upper deck at a sports facility and call it "the club level," you can charge people more money for seats on that level than they would pay to sit right next to the field -- but that brilliant person deserves a big raise. And then, at a recent Broncos game, I learned that a number of fans who pay for Club Level seats at Invesco Field never even make it past the bar. While I love nothing more than hanging out at a bar, I don't understand the people who sit inside Invesco watching the entire game on TV while the 76,000 other people who pay to go to the game can feel the wind in their faces, scream "In-com-plete," stomp their frozen feet and watch the play in a very different way than they would if they were not in the actual stadium. After watching this strange culture for a while, I ordered a shot of Jose Cuervo Especial ($6) -- the drink of choice at that bar -- and asked the bartender if he had any good stories about these Bronco-flies (who are like super-virulent horseflies compared to regular barflies). The bartender then told me all about "Rancher Rick," who comes to the Club Level bar during every home game, throws down a bundle of money and drinks Crown and Coke ($6) the entire game. In fact, after one game Rancher Rick was so drunk that they had to use a wheelchair to get him down the elevator to his pal's car. If only the brilliant person who put a bar in Invesco's Club Level had worked a drunk tank into the plan, he or she definitely would have gotten that raise.


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