Drink of the Week

Walking into Elway's, I couldn't help but recall one of my favorite expressions: "There's only one ŒI' in Œteam,' but there are two in Œmartini.'" So I went right to the bar and ordered a Pomegranate Cosmo Martini ($8) made with Absolut Citron, POM Wonderful pomegranate juice and triple sec. As I waited for my friend to arrive, a guy sat down next to me and started talking. "So," he said, "I've added another one to my list tonight." I adore a cryptic start to a conversation, so I asked, "What list?" "Guys I've pissed next to," he replied. "Walter Cronkite, Tiger Woods, and now John Elway. Walter Cronkite was at Arrowhead Stadium. I had an overwhelming urge to try to shake his hand at the urinal, but that would have completely violated the guy code, so I ran outside and waited for him to come out so I could shake his hand. Tiger Woods was at the '96 Western Michigan Amateur. He offered to sign a golf ball while at the urinal. And now I can add John Elway to the list." Well, if that story doesn't confirm why celebrity isn't all it's cracked up to be...but when you put your name on a restaurant, you open yourself up to this form of star worship. And Elway's is all about John Elway -- the man, the myth, the pee-er. The entire space has a clubby feel and is full of manly, clubby furniture -- no doubt a nod to Elway's recent decision to launch a new furniture line (hey, when I think of Elway, I always think of furniture). And the huge, horseshoe-shaped bar is large enough for the entire team to sit around it watching the game -- although Elway's doesn't open on Sunday until 4 p.m., two hours after most games start. Clearly, this joint is concentrating on the two "I"s in martini, too!


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