Drink of the Week

The attractive man directly across the bar was wearing a black T-shirt with cut-off sleeves and the word "Fruitcake." When I suggested to my companion that not only was the shirt redundant, but would be far more creative with an inventive slogan like "Rum Balls" or perhaps "Cherries Jubilee," he quickly admonished me. Making mockery of sexuality at Racines, he said, was like making Pope jokes at the Vatican. Since it opened in its original location in 1983 (and was occasionally referred to as Gaycines), Racines has been a haven for everyone -- young and old, urban and suburban, trendy and passé, gay and straight, and just about everything in between -- and its new location is just as people-friendly. Racines' margarita selection is almost as diverse as the crowd, although all merit the same great cocktail-shaker presentation. My favorite twist on the classic marg is the Yucca Lemonade ($5.95), made with Sauza Gold Blue Agave Tequila shaken with muddled fresh lemons and triple sec, with a rim of sugar instead of the standard salt. Racines also shakes up a great specialty marg, Dixon's Premium ($6.50), made with Sauza Hornitos Reposado, Cointreau and lime. Unlike 99 percent of the margaritas in Denver, which taste like crappy sweet-and-sour mix, Racines' actually taste like tequila. Now I'm looking for a T-shirt that says "I take life with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila."


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