Drink of the Week

Asked recently for the name of my favorite female bartender, I realized that I'm a complete sexist. While I could rattle off at least ten great male bartenders, the only woman I could think of was Kris Lykins at Strings. I'm sure there are many fabulous female bartenders in town, but I have to confess that I don't pay much attention when it's a woman pouring my drinks. The fact is, I like my bartenders young, tall, handsome and, in the right venue, lightly tattooed. But maybe my single-mindedness is not the only factor at play here. Maybe I don't notice most female bartenders because they do a perfectly fine job without resorting to the banter that I require from male bartenders. When I dropped by the newly renovated Strings, Kris certainly wasted no time -- or words -- before recommending the Stringstini ($7). Made with Skyy Citrus, equal parts lemonade and cranberry and a splash of Chambord, this new martini is an excellent cocktail, more tart and less sweet than a Cosmopolitan. And here's another sweet deal: On the third Tuesday or Wednesday of each month, Strings will host "Baby Grapes" -- a four-course dinner, with wine for $35, at which diners can learn how to mix and match vino with food from master sommeliers. And no matter which sex holds the bottle, I promise to pay attention.


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