Fact Czech: The gang's all beer at Sobo 151

Fact Czech: The gang's all beer at Sobo 151

After a summer of travels, Laura Shunk revealed the five restaurant concepts she'd love to see in Denver, ranging from a Burmese restaurant to a Czech restaurant and beer hall.

Which had commenters wondering: What about Sobo 151?

Mantonat had the answer for that query:

Go to Prague and when you get back, you can tell us how much different the beer halls there are from Sobo. Sure, it's a fine bar, but it's a sports bar that serves some Czech food. Saying "just add some long tables" is a little like saying "just add some bleachers" to your back yard to make it into a sports stadium. Places like U Fleku in Prague are not just bars with long tables. Many beer halls feature their own beers and have a complete food program, not just bar food with a few ethnic specialties. You are only proving Laura's point (that Denver dining could use a few upgrades) by insisting that we have something here that we obviously don't.

For more on Czech cooking in Colorado, read Juliet Wittman's review of Golden Europe -- complete with her memories of plum dumplings.

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Sobo 151 Bar & Grill

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