Fat chance: Denver Fatburger locations turn into Epic Grills

Denver's Fatburgers have turned into Epic Grills.
Denver's Fatburgers have turned into Epic Grills.

Montel Williams, Jack Hercher and Chris Dupuis, the franchisees who brought California's Fatburger to Denver and once had plans to build twenty locations of the restaurant in this city, have parted ways with the company -- and every Fatburger in metro Denver has now changed its name to Epic Grill.

Cesar Castillo, manager at the Lone Tree location, says the restaurants are no longer affiliated with Fatburger (they've been removed from the corporate website's directory, too) and that Epic Grill is a new concept -- albeit one similar to that of Fatburger, since it features some of the same menu items.

"We're the same guys, we just changed the name," he says. "We're doing the same stuff but with more: salads, sandwiches and all that stuff."

The idea, he says, is to start with the four current locations of Epic Grill -- in Lone Tree, Highland Ranch and two in Aurora -- and grow from there into a new, bigger, Denver-based chain.

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