Favorite spots in Boulder for vegan dishes

Favorite spots in Boulder for vegan dishes

At exceptional restaurants around town I can close my eyes, point to anything on the menu, and eat well. Often, however, getting a good meal takes a lot more thought - what is the chef's background? what is the kitchen known for? - not to mention a little luck, since you never know what kind of day the folks in the back are having. That was certainly the case at Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, the place I review this week, where meals ranged from good to great depending on the dish and the day.

But for Elizabeth DiLeonardi, a vegan friend who joined me for a meal at Lotus, eating well at restaurants always takes a lot of thought. For her, as for anyone with food preferences and dietary restrictions, eating out is an exercise in menu-spotting and question-asking. But she has found a handful of restaurants where eating out isn't such a chore, places with vegan dishes and even all-vegan buffets where she can find the "complex, deep flavors" she says she misses most "from my non-veg life."

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Favorite spots in Boulder for vegan dishes

This morning we published Amber Taufen's list of the Five Best Vegetarian Restaurants in metro Denver. Now we're sharing my friend's list of go-to spots in Boulder, where she lives, for good vegan meals. (Alert: not all of these are vegan, or even vegetarian, restaurants.)

Chez Thuy

2655 28th Street, Boulder, 202-442-1700

Native Foods Cafe

675 29th St., Boulder, 303-442-0213

680 South Colorado Boulevard Glendale, 303-758-3440

Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant

2010 16th Street, Boulder, 303-442-1485

Half Fast Subs

1215 13th Street, Boulder, 303-449-0404

Backcountry Pizza & Tap House

2319 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, 303-449-4285

Casa Alvarez

3161 Walnut Street, Boulder, 303-546-0630

Nepal Cuisine

4720 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, 303-554-5828

Sun Deli & Liquor

2299 Pearl Street

Boulder, 303-938-1128

Tsing Tao

607 South Broadway, Boulder, 303-494-6228

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