Feast on the story of 50top

At 5:15 p.m. on a chilly Thursday, Jamey Fader, clad in black, with a plaid cap pulled low over his forehead, is balancing on a box in the corner of a back-alley warehouse. "Welcome to whatever the fuck this is," he deadpans.

What do you get when you put fourteen chefs and fifty enthusiastic diners in the Stranahan's warehouse -- with plenty of product nearby? A great party, as Lori Midson reveals in this week's profile of the underground institutions known as 50top.

Since chefs Jamey Fader and John Hinman came up with the concept close to two years ago, 50top has grown into Denver's most amazing culinary event -- and one that's been completely off the record. Until now. Feast on Midson's piece here tomorrow.


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