Five More New and Incredibly Peculiar Foods

Five More New and Incredibly Peculiar Foods
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Social media always seems to be dripping with photos and snippets about strange, exciting, disgusting and occasionally hideous edible creations. Some of these constructions turn out to be Photoshopped fakes and some we all wish were not real. This last week alone has produced everything from a horrific hundred-dollar hot dog soaked in cognac to the apotheosis of all Bloody Mary cocktails, garnished with an entire fried chicken.

Good, bad, ugly or just wrong, here's a list of five new and peculiar foods. Look forward to gummy peppers, nachos with a hint of green and what Cinnabon is doing to help customers slide into early graves.

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Five More New and Incredibly Peculiar Foods

5) Hot gummy peppers that are really hot.

It was only a matter of time before someone took existing jalapeno-, habanero- and ghost-pepper-flavored gummy candies and effectively constructed great meta-candies capable of making people laugh, choke and cry, possibly at the same time. Vat19 sells these tasty treats, in three packs for about ten bucks. Aside from being searing hot, they feature fruit flavors -- the green jalapeno is paired with green apple, the habanero version is orange flavored and the ghost pepper tastes like cherry.

I can't help but think that aside from the sheer enjoyment of eating these gummies, the entertainment value might trump all that if you wanna be the biggest dickhead on the block at Halloween this year.

Five More New and Incredibly Peculiar Foods

4) Cronuts, courtesy of Jack in the Box.

Jack in the Box has done it again -- and by "it," I mean the fast-food chain has decided to flog another dead trend years after relevance by offering cronuts on its menu. Jack's doesn't call them cronuts; instead they are simply "croissant donuts" -- because the company might not be able to afford a lawsuit. They are, though, part-donut and part-croissant, under a buck each, and available in the drive-through. I admire Jack's ability to straight-up say "fuck the semantics!" and rip off dead food movements. And this from the same chain that makes "tacos" with meat filling more questionable that Taco Bell's.

This could be a futile attempt by Jack in the Box to add some class to the menu, but unfortunately fast-food cronuts will only appeal to the same demographic that thinks the Kardashians are classy.

Five More New and Incredibly Peculiar Foods
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3. The sushi roll corndog.

State fair-inspired things on sticks just got one-upped hard with UCLA political science major and dude-food blogger Josh Scherer's magnificent creation: the Sushi Corndog. He rolled out this mighty stick-successful recipe for a battered and fried spicy tuna roll on his blog, Culinary Bro-down, in a post aptly titled "Spicy Tuna Corn Dog & How Fried Foods Benefit the World," where he describes a brief history of fried state-fair creations, touts social change through mustard (or something like that) and quotes Gary Oldman.

Your move, state fairs everywhere.

For more peculiar new foods, read on...

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