Five reasons why Papa John's should raise the dough for employee health care

Five reasons why Papa John's should raise the dough for employee health care

Papa John's CEO John Schnatter has been outspoken about cutting employee hours to less than thirty hours per week so that he doesn't have to pay their health insurance costs -- as mandated Affordable Health Care Act -- or Obamacare; he has cited concerns over the estimated $5 to 8 million dollar annual cost to the company.

Is Schnatter an oppressed business owner being crushed under the boot of government regulation or is he just a douchepickle who doesn't give a fuck about his employees and now has a convenient excuse to blame someone else for it? Here's our list of five reasons why Papa John's should raise the dough for employee health care -- no delivery charge.

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5. Because giving employees health coverage is more generous than giving away free pizzas

There is a fine line between appearing to be magnanimous, and actually being generous. Schnatter is constantly on the tube giving away free pizzas to the dining public like an affluent lord of the manor spreading largesse to his humble serfs. He's given away millions of pies for the NFL season, the Super Bowl, for customer rewards programs, contests, store openings and even for fellow douchemobile Camaro owners, who got free pizzas just for owning Camaros. So, here's a simple solution on how to pay for employee health care benefits: Stop giving away so many damn pizzas. Use the revenue freed up from cutting the marketing budget back so sick employees can go to the doctor instead of dripping mucus into the mozzarella.

4. Because employees have long memories

In this still-slow economy, many employers -- especially the low-wage ones like Papa John's -- have employees by the curlies because a shitty job is still better than no job. And while his employees are worrying about paying for milk, gas and rent -- while working exactly 29 hours per week -- Schnatter is kicking it in a 40,000 square-foot mansion, swimming in one of his several pools, putting around on his private golf course or choosing which of his cars to drive. We're not saying that his hard work and business acumen shouldn't be rewarded, but he didn't "build that" all by his lonesome. There are CEOs who have taken pay cuts rather than dick over their employees, so when the economy picks up, Schnatter's decent, hardworking employees -- the ones who helped pad his purse -- may hit the pavement and land at competing companies that will pay for their health insurance.

3. Because customers have long memories Customers who want pizza have options, and Papa John's is still in third place among the top-selling pizza chains, behind Pizza Hut and Domino's. And since there are people out there who make political decision when ordering food -- voting with their wallets and all -- maybe being the loudest voice in the media negating affordable health care for employees isn't doing your business any favors. Perhaps adding a few cents, or even a dollar, to the price of each pizza in order to give employees access to preventative care, medicine and treatment for illnesses and injuries won't seem like an unfair trade-off to everyone. Since when does not being an asshole hurt public perception?

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