Food Ink: Tattoos from Denver restaurant peeps

Food Ink: Tattoos from Denver restaurant peeps

As part of an upcoming photo essay project spotlighting Denver restaurant pros whose tatts are as prevalent as their dissections, burns, blisters, knife slashes and stabs, we promised that we'd post some of the best on the Cafe Society blog. Brandon Biederman, chef of Steuben's, didn't waste any time showing us his ink.

His knuckles, which you can admire in the above pic, were "done on a whim in between services at Steuben's," says Biederman. "I ran over to Lifetime of Sol on Colfax where my friend Josh Ford works and had him do it. It was fast and painless."

Check out Biederman's other food tatts (and the stories behind them) after the jump.

Food Ink: Tattoos from Denver restaurant peeps

The pig on the back of Biederman's right calf was inked at Hart and Huntington in Las Vegas. "I love pig," declares Biederman, adding that the design "took about three hours from start to finish...and made walking for a couple days afterward not so fun."

Food Ink: Tattoos from Denver restaurant peeps

"This," says Biederman, "was my first food tattoo, a half sleeve with the sacred heart of onion, celery and carrot, that I got about seven years ago" from Josh Ford at Twisted Sol. "The whole half sleeve took about twelve hours over multiple sittings, and even though I was sober at the time, it didn't hurt very bad at all, but afterward was a different story." Biederman adds that he's "acutely going to continue the work on that arm and make it a full sleeve of food." Awesome.

"This last tattoo is my knife and a bunch of great vegetables -- morels, beets and Fiddlehead ferns," explains Biederman.

"I got all my tattoos at points in my life where I felt it necessary to mark what I was doing and where I was at," he adds. "I don't really have any favorites, but every tattoo has a special meaning. It's like buying art from a great artist."

Got good ink? Send photos of your tatts (and the stories behind them) to

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