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Former Mountain Toad Owners Will Open New Terrain Brewing in Golden

Golden’s beer scene will head in a new direction late this summer when two of the former owners at Mountain Toad Brewing open their own spot, New Terrain Brewing, at the base of Table Mountain.

The location, a vacant parcel next to a dog park and a bike trail, was originally going to be a production facility for Mountain Toad, but Mountain Toad co-founders Kaylee and Josh Robbins decided it made more sense to strike out on their own with a separate enterprise. So the pair have sold their stake in Mountain Toad to former partners Thad Briggs and Brian Vialpando.

“The Toad was very successful and it was bittersweet to leave,” says Kaylee Robbins. “It’s a lot of work to start over over again, but it’s still easier the second time around.”

New Terrain, at 16401 Table Mountain Parkway, will feature a 2,000-square-foot taproom, an outdoor beer garden and a large, 15,000-square-foot production facility with a thirty-barrel brewhouse (one that can also make smaller, ten-barrel batches). The Robbinses needed that extra space because they want to begin canning their beers next year.

They have also hired award-winning brewer Luke Smith, who lives in Golden. Smith was a co-founder of Coda Brewing in Aurora, but left earlier this year after a falling out with former business partner Scott Procop. Smith took the Coda name and several recipes with him — and hopes to eventually open his own location. Procop has since changed the name of the Aurora brewery to Ursula Brewing.

Smith will work with Josh Robbins on recipes and brewing operations at New Terrain, which will probably open with an IPA, a red IPA, a pale ale, a brown, a wit, a cream ale and a saison. They will also collaborate on a sour and barrel-aged program. In addition, Smith will spearhead “a quality control and yeast management lab program," the brewery says.

The location of the new brewery, in what Kaylee Robbins calls “an isolated” part of Golden, is very different from the downtown setting where Mountain Toad sits. “We are in the weeds,” she says, “so it is a different business model, but the spot is really gorgeous and we will get the word out. Golden is really growing.”

New Terrain hopes to open the doors in August.
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