At the World Beer Cup in May.
At the World Beer Cup in May.
Bull & Bush

Free beer! Bull & Bush celebrates four World Beer Cup medals today at 4:04 p.m.

The folks behind Bull & Bush Pub and Brewery shocked the world -- but not themselves -- in early May when head brewer Gabe Moline and owners Erik and Dave Petersen earned a whopping four medals at the World Beer Cup, which is sponsored by the Brewers Association every other year. To honor the achievement, the Bull & Bush will tap a keg of Man Beer today at 4:04 p.m. and serve pints for free until it runs dry. The brewery's signature brew won gold.

And for $4.44, you can sample of all four for the award-winning beers. In addition to Man Beer, a malt-forward pale ale, they are: Turnip the Beets, a beer made with beets, that also won gold; Tower E.S.B., which took home a bronze; and Release the Hounds Barley Wine from 2009, which won bronze as well.

For those who'd rather ingest their beer in non-liquid forms, Bull & Bush has had treats made from each of this year's winning brews. They are: Sweet Action ice cream made from Turnip the Beets; beer mustard from Man Beer; bangers from Continental Sausage made with Tower E.S.B.; and homemade bread using Release the Hounds Barley Wine.

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