Get in line at the Justice League for Street Food inaugural party

The surprise truck at the Justice League of Street Food party.
The surprise truck at the Justice League of Street Food party.
Coleen Whitfield

The first Justice League of Street Food party on Saturday night was a big hit - almost too big a hit, since the lot at 29th Avenue and Huron Street in the Ballpark neighborhood was jammed, and that was with a long line of people still waiting to get in. And once you made it inside, there was another long line at each of the seven Justice League trucks, many of which reported record sales.

Make that eight trucks. Vroom for one more?

The Infinite Monkey Theorem winery - which, along with Great Divide, was running the cash bar at the event that benefited the Denver Film Society - had rolled up in a truck that Ben Parsons and company had purchased that day for $800 (plus a case of wine) off Craigslist, then had painted in record time with the winery's logo by the same graffiti artists who decorated the facility in the Santa Fe Arts District.

According to cart wrangler Delores Tronco, the organizers would have been happy with 500 people - but they estimate that about 2,000 passed through during the four-hour party. So they're already looking at how to incorporate space from the lot next door into the next event, slated for Thursday, September 16. Watch Cafe Society for details.

And in the meantime, savor this slide show.

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