Get twisted at the Twisted Olive Friday

The nights get quiet in Northfield Stapleton. Driving along 29th Avenue Sunday night, I spotted a hardy crew in the Berkshire, one of the only homegrown spots in the neighborhood, but the chains surrounding that restaurant, and to the north in Northfield, were just about empty.

But the area should be much livelier on Friday, when the Twisted Olive finally holds its grand-opening -- after a month-long delay -- at 8270 East Northfield Boulevard.

And the Twisted Olive is no twist on the nearby Olive Garden.

"Olives date back to before the invention of the written language. We're here to add a new chapter in Olive history, a fun and tasteful one. It starts with redefining and twisting the Olive's role in entertainment, cuisine, nightlife and most!," notes the Twisted Olive website.

"Based in Northfield Stapleton, Twisted Olive is an ultra lounge with a full service restaurant and bar. Nightly features and themes include Mediterranean dinner creations by Executive Chef Cat Daddy, our signature Martini Society (happy hour). Artist and Disc Jockeys performing on a world class stage, sound and lighting system."

And the plan is to stay open until 2 a.m. Prepare to get twisted, Northfield Stapleton.


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