Glendale SuperTarget Is Booze-Free Until Friday

If stocking up on booze for the week, take note: The SuperTarget at 4301 East Virginia Avenue in Glendale has temporarily suspended beer, wine and spirits sales in preparation for the launch of something bigger and better.

Rather than just a single aisle of bottles and cans, Target's new Wine & Spirits store will be a full-sized shop located within the same walls. There won't be a separate outside entrance, though, so customers will still be able to get their grocery, clothing, electronics and adult beverage needs all under one roof.

As of yesterday, a sign at the entrance noted that liquor sales would resume on February 25, but a call to the store this morning indicated it would be Friday, not Thursday.

Colorado liquor laws prohibit liquor-store owners from operating multiple locations, so the Glendale superstore is the only Target in Colorado that sells anything more than 3.2 percent beer.


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