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Golden's Mountain Toad Plans Second Brewery, Major Expansion

Golden has always been good to its beer makers, and Mountain Toad Brewing, which opened less than two years ago, is no exception. The brewery will build a new production facility this year with a thirty-barrel brewhouse, room for a canning line, and small taproom to complement its downtown location.

The 17,000-square-foot brewery will be built on a vacant parcel at 16401 Table Mountain Parkway, about three miles northeast of Mountain Toad's existing spot. It is next to a bike park, trails and a dog park.

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[jump] "It's pretty amazing how much demand we have both in the taproom and around town and in Denver and Boulder from people who have heard of us and asked for our beers," says head brewer and co-owner Josh Robbins. "It was surprising to us. It's been hectic, but it has been good."

Construction is scheduled to begin in March or April, and Mountain Toad hopes to open the second facility during the first quarter of 2016. The taproom there will be about the same size at the downtown spot.

When the brewery is finished, Mountain Toad will begin supplying kegs of its flagship beers, Mt. Zion IPA, Apex Amber and Craft Cream, to other bars and restaurants. Those will be the first beers to be canned as well.

Mountain Toad is building the new brewery in conjunction with CCS, a Los Angeles-area aerospace firm that brewery co-owner Kaylee Robbins's family works for. Mountain Toad will technically lease the space.

The existing brewery, which runs on a ten-barrel brewhouse, will then be used to make more experimental and creative offerings, Robbins says. It will also house a barrel-aging program.

Last winter and spring, Mountain Toad was the target of angry neighbor complaints about parking congestion -- even as the brewery became more popular with other residents of Golden. The city later approved a parking permit program for residents, however, which has helped.

"With the parking situation sort of resolved, we haven't had many neighbor issues," Robbins says, adding that Mountain Toad plans to stay put since the spot "has become quite a hangout for the locals."

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