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GrowHaus founder Adam Brock weighs in on permaculture elitism

Adam Brock The GrowHaus 4751 York Street 720-515-4751

This is part two of my interview with Adam Brock, founder of the GrowHaus; part one of my chat with Brock ran yesterday.

What do you grow at the GrowHaus? Mostly leafy greens and herbs like lettuce, kale, cilantro, bok choy and basil. We have a commercial aquaponics farm run by Colorado Aquaponics, which uses the waste from tilapia and other kinds of fish to fertilize the greens. We're also just starting to build some tropical permaculture systems in the education space, so we'll be growing things like passion fruit, bananas and ginger -- but not on a commercial scale. A lot of the ingredients in our food boxes come from outside the GrowHaus, but we buy from local farmers whenever we can.

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