Guess where I'm drinking?
Lori Midson

Guess where I'm drinking?

Dear Mr. X,

I'm admittedly smitten with your new cocktail lineup, but here's the problem: I'll drink one and want two, three, four more. And see, I'm normally toting my kid around with me, and since he's only ten and incredibly impressionable, I have to either drink responsibly, which limits me to one cocktail, or send him off to the little boy's room for an extended vacation so I can drink a half dozen more without him witnessing his own mother's propensity to whoop it up like a lush. Neither approach is preferable, but if you could bottle and sell that cocktail -- the one with the fresh lemon juice and confetti of basil -- then I could send the kid off to a slumber party, crank the music and drink myself into a stupor at home.

If you can guess where I'm drinking, you can join me. Maybe.

Special bonus: Every Friday, anyone who gave the first correct answer to any of the week's Where am I drinking/eating posts will be entered in a pool -- and we'll pull out one lucky winner who'll receive a DINR deck, worth up to $520 in discounts at independent restaurants. Read all about DINR decks here; post a comment below to enter the contest.


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