Hangover cure: The michelada

Feeling a little woozy from celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Perhaps you'd like to continue your Mexican-themed festivities and cure your hangover in a traditional way: sucking down a michelada.

In its most basic form, a michelada is a light Mexican beer doctored up with a hefty pour of lime juice, served in a salted glass. Adding Clamato, tomato-clam juice that's not nearly as disgusting as it sounds, is a popular variation. And the Cubana version mimics a Bloody Mary, with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, chile and salt.

Both Mezcal and El Diablo serve wicked micheladas, as well as plenty of tequila infused cocktails, if you're more of a hair of the dog person.

But our favorite michelada in town comes from El Olvido, the recently opened eatery that serves a limited menu of specialties from Acapulco, Guadalajara and Jalisco, in addition to micheladas and micheladas rojas, made with Clamato. One of those -- and maybe a little queso fundido or carne en su jugo -- and you should be feeling much better.

Still, if the thought of alcohol is toying with your gag reflex, you could always go for the most universal Mexican hangover cure: A tripe-laden bowl of menudo.

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