Hash goes sunnyside up, will be replaced by Sunny's

Hash in happier days.
Hash in happier days.

Sunnyside is a fast-changing neighborhood, attracting restaurants like Bocadillo (which Gretchen Kurtz reviews this week), with more new spots to come. And one of them will be moving into the former home of Hash, which Heather Haupman opened back in 2011 in a storefront that had held La Crema Cafeteria. Hash was a breakfast spot, but once recreational marijuana was legalized in this state, there was plenty of confusion over its purpose.

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Hash closed in late February; no one is answering the phone or responding to Facebook queries. Last week the windows were papered over -- but a new sign appearing there gives a clue to the future use of this spot, with a name that should make it clear what kind of pot (or pan) will be found inside:

Hash goes sunnyside up, will be replaced by Sunny's

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