Hot tamale! HOSTPAC endorses Denver City Council candidate

Paula Sandoval and her husband own Tamales by La Casita.
Paula Sandoval and her husband own Tamales by La Casita.

John Haney is a Denver cop who happens to own a neighborhood joint, Haney's Coffee Shop. Susan Shepherd is a Highland Mommy who's all about urban farming. Jon Lehmann even has a campaign chef.

They're all among the ten candidates running for the District 1 Denver City Council seat recently vacated by Rick Garcia. So which candidate did HOSTPAC, the Colorado Restaurant Association's PAC, recently endorse?

State senator Paula Sandoval.

Why? Among other reasons, she was the only one to ask for an endorsement, explains Pete Meersman, head of the CRA. But that wasn't the most important reason.

"Paula Sandoval has been very supportive of restaurant issues in the legislature," explains Meersman, "She's in our business."

Paula Sandoval and her husband, Paul, own Tamales by la Casita at 3561 Tejon Street.

And by the way, while Sandoval asked for an endorsement, she didn't ask for any campaign contributions. Since she's still a state senator, such donations can get sticky.

Watch for the District 1 candidates' answers to Joel Warner's questionnaire on the Latest Word blog.

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