I took the meat challenge at Tony's and got a hat

I took the meat challenge at Tony's and got a hat

Tony's Market, 950 Broadway, is hosting a deli challenge, pitting its newly-featured deli brand, Dietz & Watson, against Boar's Head meats (which the market no longer carries) in a blind tasting this weekend to prove what it believes is Dietz's superiority. Seeing as how the downtown location is across the street from Westword's office, I figured I might as well sample some meat.

I took the meat challenge at Tony's and got a hat

The meat man was offering some honey maple turkey from both brands and greeted me with a small sample of each on a stick. "Now, when you buy something that says 'honey maple' on the package," he said, "you'd expect it to taste sweet, like honey, correct?"

I concurred and was told to determine which meat tasted sweeter. I chose brand M, not only because it was noticeably sweeter, but also for its juiciness -- brand Q was decidedly dry and somewhat bland.

Come to find out, I chose correctly (from their perspective) and received a complementary Dietz & Watson baseball cap as a prize. Apparently, Tony's feels good about the choice as well -- something strengthened by a recent article in Slate.

Tony's is giving customers the opportunity to decide for themselves tomorrow and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at its four locations -- 7421 West Bowles Avenue in Littleton, 874 West Happy Canyon Road in Castle Rock, 4991 East Dry Creek Road in Centennial and the downtown location at 950 Broadway. And for every customer who takes the challenge, Tony's and Dietz & Watson will donate $1 to the Wellspring Community.

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