Infinitus Pie mobile shop
Infinitus Pie mobile shop
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Infinitus Pie now open in the Tivoli student union at Auraria

Yes, college food can suck -- but sometimes the school actually notices and takes action. After students gave poor reviews to a food vendor in the Auraria student union, administrators asked for proposals for a replacement -- and Infinitus Pie, a local, family-owned pizza chain, won the slot third location in the Tivoli Student Union on the Auraria campus.

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The chain, which sells personal, customized pizzas, already has locations in Wheatridge and Broomfield; it also has a mobile version of its store for catering and events.

But its pizzas aren't the only aspect of Infinitus to make the grade. Instead of the typical tip jar, IPIE has a jar that raises funds for the $180 Million Dream Fund, to "give back to the community by helping educating future generations." Infinitus's dream is to turn IPIE into a national chain that could fund major scholarship program. But in the meantime, anything dropped into that jar will be shared with students.


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