Is Cassie Smith too heavy for Hooters? Fat chance.


Is Cassie Smith too fat? Check out this CBS photo gallery.
Is Cassie Smith too fat? Check out this CBS photo gallery.

Horton sees a Hooter.

If you're into breasts and thighs for happy hour, there's no better place to find them than your local Hooters, where the servers wear skimpy attire and hang on your every word, if not your wallet.

Cassie Smith of Roseville, Michigan, had been hoofing it at her neighborhood Hooters for two years, until the store management told her that she was fat and put her on probation.

Smith is a gorgeous twenty-year-old who carries 132 pounds on her 5'8" and nicely fills out a pair of burnt orange Hooters shorts. She recently got a glowing two year review, but according to CBS, which has scrutinized the issue, her evaluation form also gave her demerits for "uniform-fitting." What uniform? A T-shirt that technically hides yet also emphasizes breasts in a push-up bra, and shorts just long enough to cover the subject.

Still, Smith's appearance was apparently so grotesque that the corporate office in Atlanta, Georgia, got her on a conference call to explain to her what constitutes a hotter Hooter. And then, as a goodwill gesture, the company reportedly gave her sixty days to lose weight and paid for a thirty-day gym membership to rid her of that excess fat -- not that I can see any on her, and I've been looking. Closely.

Smith has hired a lawyer, since Michigan is one of the few states that has a law on the books regarding weight discrimination. But according to Mike McNeil, VP of marketing for Hooters of America, the "practice of upholding an image based on appearance, attitude and fitness for Hooters girls is both legal and fair."

He sounds fat.


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