It's true: Kathy Lee Gifford is a wine idiot

Kathy Lee Gifford doing the sniff test.
Kathy Lee Gifford doing the sniff test.

Yesterday morning, Bobby Stuckey, the wine director at Boulder's Frasca Food And Wine, gifted himself to the Today show for a full four minutes to talk about some of the best wines to give as presents during the holidays.

Stuckey, not surprisingly, made us admit, yet again, why he and his gang at Frasca can do no wrong. Kathy Lee Gifford, on the other hand, made us drop our jaws in utter disgust.

Still, Stuckey is diplomatic: "I have to say that when Kathie Lee told me thirty seconds before I got on that she didn't really like any red wine, it raised my heart rate since I had mostly red wines. But I was just happy to be on," Stuckey told me.

You can watch the clip of Stuckey's appearance after the jump. Just make sure you stick with it till the bitter end, when Gifford confuses tannins with a famous sinking ship.

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