Jack Twist

Remember going to the movies with a big group of friends, smuggling beers in your pockets and then rolling the empty bottles down the aisle during the film -- much to the disgust of the "adults" in the audience? As an adult (at least in age), I now generally avoid movie theaters because of their mood-killing combination of 1) people who talk to/scream at the screen, the exception being my favorite movie event of all time -- Sing-Along Sound of Music; 2) the exceedingly overpriced, crappy snacks; 3) fake butter on the popcorn; and last but probably most important, 4) the lack of booze. If I'm enjoying a movie in the confines of my home, I can pour myself the cocktail du jour, pop in some microwave popcorn, cover it with real melted butter and then add M&M's to the mix. But in the month before the Academy Awards, when I'm in a hurry to see all the nominated films, my home theater becomes problematic -- and that's where the Mayan Theatre comes in. This beautiful building, built in 1930 and restored more than fifty years later, is one of only three theaters in the country designed in the art-deco Mayan-revival style. Not only does the Mayan have a great snack bar complete with Dazbog coffee and popcorn with real butter, but as of last month, it also has a bar upstairs. Not just a bar serving wine and beer, but a full bar that even features movie-themed cocktails. My favorite was the Jack Twist ($7.50), described as "a rodeo cowboy's Manhattan, made with Jack Daniel's and a lemon twist." Mayan Theatre, I wish I could quit you!


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