The old 404 Club.
The old 404 Club.

Jerry Feld, founder of Club 404, passes away

The 404 Club was one of Denver's last true dives -- and now Jerry Feld, the man who bought a bar at 404 Broadway before he was old enough to have a liquor license and then ran it as Club 404 for six decades, has passed away after an illness that had him hospitalized over the holidays.

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Like his bar, Feld was a true original -- and we'll miss him.

For a tribute to the spot he created, read this profile of the 404, "Join the Club," that I wrote five years ago, when it first looked like the place might be sold. It ultimately was, of course, and then sold again; today 404 Broadway is occupied by a reincarnated Brendan's Pub.

It would be a good place to raise a glass to Jerry today.


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